Helpful Information

Payment and Fees


The fee for a traditional 50 minute session is $60.00. Payment can be made by either cash or check. I am unable to accept insurance or payment by credit cards at this time. 



Children and adults are welcome. My clients are seen individually, as couples, or in whole family settings. For children seen on an individual basis, they must be 6 years of age or older.   

What Happens in Session


We build a trusting relationship, as you share with me your troubling issues. To get you back on track, I will be your partner and guide as we work towards achieving goals we develop together. 

Client Responsibilities


Come to session committed to doing the work that is necessary to make positive changes! Counseling takes dedication to yourself and to the process.  

Counselor Responsibilities


Diligently work to build a relationship based on trust and confidence. Guide you to discovery of possible solutions that work for you. I will be respectful, nonjudgmental, and empathetic to your struggles. Most importantly, I will keep your story confidential. 

Approach to Counseling


Solution Focused and Systems Theory. In other words,  while in session, our focus will be on the "solutions" to your problems that will improve your quality of life, rather than the "problems" themselves. We will also discover how your behavior affects and is affected by those people closest to you.